10 rockstar houses to drool about

Ten rockstar houses to drool about

Rockstar 1- Gene Simmons:

With a home that is larger than what you would care to run in a day (16,500 square feet) with four bedrooms, six bathrooms, and an archive room leaves you thinking if those rooms are bigger than your house

Rockstar 2- Rod Stewart:

When you get a lot of money and want to feel like you are in a James Bond movie every day you should get the house. Given it has a private beach, football pitch, carting track, eight bedrooms, 13 bathrooms in total. I personally think it quite a bargain no matter the price.

Image from RPA


Rockstar 3- Jon Bon Jovi:

A 10 million home in palm beach Florida. To be fair, the house was bought by a corporation tied to Jon Bon Jovi, though his Nashville-based business manager


Rockstar 4- Amy Winehouse:

A bit behind compared to other singers on the list so far this house was customized to her liking and does not fall that far behind

image fromĀ BBC

Rockstar 5- Elvis Presley:

Here goes one to give you an idea of what inflation is. The former home of Elvis Presley was first bought by him at the price of $105,000 now valued at around 2.60 million that quite a return on investment even regarding inflation


Rockstar 6- Paul McCartney:

Here is a man who doesn’t mess around when it comes to having a nice place to live. With a house valued at around $15.5 million of his Manhattan triplex

Rockstar 7- John Lennon:

If you are considering moving in into John Lennon’s former home for 11.7M. I think it’s a small price for the views of the Surrey Hills, an indoor swimming pool, sauna and so much more

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10 rockstar houses to drool about

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