8 things that you didn’t know about Rock and Roll

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8 things that you didn’t know about Rock and Roll

1- The origin:

Rock and Roll is a result of cultural fusion from black and white art, musicians from both cultural backgrounds played a role in shaping the sound of what we have come to know as Rock and Roll.
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2- The name:

The name Rock and Roll comes from blues.
It was part of the Afro-American slang in the early 20th-century meaning dancing or sex.
The blues song from Roy Brown in 1947 “Good Rockin Tonight”
that shows just that

3- Rock & Roll is an adopted child:

The white audience in the Us only adopted Rock and Roll music in the mid-1950s. This happened when big names of Rock and Roll like Elvis Presley came out from the blues rhythm and gave it more “rockabilly”

4- The success of covers:

“Good Rocking Tonight” by Roy Brown’s is less popular then Wynonie Harris’s version that made more success than the original jump blues hit of 1947

5- The Rock & Roller:

The Rock and Roll culture of sex and drugs we have come to know only began to show in the 1960s when the bands became more famous.
In the 1960s bands began having “groupies” along with the usage of drugs like LSD

6- Rock & Roll clothes are not created equal:

“Mods” and “Rockers” make up the fashion scenario in Rock & Roll In the early days.

This began to matters the clothes the artist wore mattered just as much as the music

Rock Producing a sense of culture and belonging to a tribe.

7- The cute side of Rock and Roll:

Because of metallic Rock people often forget that Rock & Roll supported causes like contributing to the anti-war sentiment or being vocal against the Apartheid system in South Africa of that time

8 – You got “psyched”:

The demonic imagery that was used by many of the band’s album covers doesn’t actually reflect a belief in the devil or worshiping of Satan. Band members from a band that had these albums covers are actually known for being born-again Christians

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8 things that you didn’t know about Rock and Roll

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