Here we talk about Rock & Roll.
One thing we found out during this path is that Rock & Roll has had to go through some changes and will probably never exist like in the old days.

The world is going through some hardcore changes.

The list of things of what people think is acceptable is only becoming shorter and shorter. At the cost of what revolves around great music classic Rock & Roll has lost quite a bit of its rebel spirit. This happened in order to remain commercial and in the spotlight.

There are people out there trying to maintain Rock & Roll alive and we are one of them. Help us in this journey, come back to the website, share our posts, suggest new posts, write for us.

After all, our mission is to Keep Rock & Roll alive.

Let’s keep fighting, let’s keep the rebel spirit alive, let’s keep Rock and Roll alive

With this blog, we are bringing back Rock & Roll to the deprived souls and we are not apologizing for it.

When too many bands are afraid to bring back the roots of Rock & Roll we fell a duty to educate people on how good music sounds like. To show the history and all the aspects of what makes great music.

In this blog, we intend to do just that bring back the days of Classic Rock and that the Rock and Roll spirit is not extinct.

We try to explain what has happened to Rock & Roll over the years that makes it fell like ROck and Roll is dead.

Here you can expect to find reviews of bands that were radical back in the day, upcoming bands that have not forgotten the roots of Rock and Roll and some curiosities about the Rock & Roll world.

We are keeping the spirit alive one reader at a time, don’t let the music die.

Keep Rocking

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