Metallica/Guns and Roses tour. The aftermath of the Montreal incident (Part 2)

riot police in aftermath of a riot

The aftermath of drama:

An aftermath of drama came right after the Montreal incident that led to a riot. The media was more interested in pointing fingers at the Guns & Roses, and some band members pointing fingers at Axl Rose

Let’s get to the details…

James Hatfield came out simply saying that Axl Rose could have been the hero. That day he had the chance to cover Metallica after the injury that happened to him. Performing a long set that he would come out has the hero

See part 1 for more details…

Even if they took a break this might not have been possible. The Guns went on stage with sound problems.

The sound problems were occurring as a result of a rushed setup. The rest of the Metallica was canceled and the Guns & Roses had to step in.

shows were postponed previously because Axl had already sustained vocal cord injury before in the tour

Axl Rose had a history of not justifying his actions, throwing tantrums and not caring what anyone thinks about him, the reason why people had little or no empathy for his injury.

Having bands like U2 making jokes about Axl Rose leaving the show early.

He does this again in Denver where out of nowhere he just left the stage while the band was still playing

What happens next is part of the book backstage pass by Barry Fay.

Basically, he told the driver to come back with Axl and that the only way Axl was leaving is if he jumped off the car.

Once he got back to the show Barry got his gun, talking to Axl and Doug Goldstein managed to get him back on stage along with a barrage of security guys and cops stopping Axl from leaving the stage

There are some versions of what actually happened that day.

Slash, Guns & Roses guitarist later came out with his biography. You can access the link below

Slash autobiography…

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Metallica/Guns and Roses tour. The aftermath of the Montreal incident (Part 2)

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