Bon Jovi in the Rock & Roll hall of fame

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Bon Jovi in the hall of fame of Rock & Roll and the dilemma of fame

Gone are the days that you got tired of seeing Rock & Roll stars appearing in the news for disturbing the peace, drug abuse or just causing mayhem in general. Nowadays this task normally falls into the laps of their children.

I am pretty sure you didn’t come here to read about this tough.

One dilemma that all Rock and Roll band have to face is the accusation of selling out. Nowadays tough is much harder to irreverent or not politically correct and still manage to maintain mainstream level fame.

The previous paragraph shows that the old days of Rock and Roll culture and parties are more observed in the electronic music parties and tomorrow lands than Rock & Roll.

The need to add music that fits the modern narrative is another fact that we have to take into account versus the classics. This leaves bands in a tough spot, having to choose between generations. This is where bands could really benefit from knowing their public.

One of the public’s criticisms was due to a recent Bon Jovi show, their loyal public felt disappointed after they had to pay an arm and a leg only to go to the show and see that most of the songs were from the 2000s and forwards, not even allowing them to experience the nostalgic moment they sought

It goes without saying that 21st-century showbusiness is becoming more content conscious. Regardless of age restrictions, maybe even at the cost of free-speech

There will be two questions left unanswered:

1- Is it possible for a Rock & Roll band stay true to themselves and be mainstream at the same time?
2- Will the Rock & Roll rebel spirit ever come back?

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Bon Jovi in the Rock & Roll hall of fame

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