How to start a Rock & Roll band 101

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How to start a Rock & Roll band 101 in 7 easy steps.

What better way to keep Rock & Roll alive then to go out there and do it yourself.

Today we intend to do just that to bring you the basics to start a band with your friends and find new people/new friends to fill in the missing aspects.
So let’s dive right into it

1 Get the people together and feel the chemistry:

The first thing you need is to see who is going to play in the band and how everyone plays together.
An aspect of a good band is harmony when playing music, getting the right people together will achieve this result.
You can find missing talent in forums or from friends of friends, start with friends of friends. If all else fails try forums like craigslist

2 Soundcheck:

Make sure everyone has their instrument and can have it in all practice sessions as well as being able to play to a reasonable level compared to other members of the band. The band needs to grow with all its members, cant afford to have someone dragging the level of music down.

3 What touches your soul:

Discuss with the band what will be the focus genre, all band members must agree with this so that you don’t have members dropping out in crucial moments.

4 Make your church:

Get religious with practice sessions. People will make a lot of excuses to skip a day for any number of reasons. Make sure you have a regular time and regular place.

5 Practice, practice, practice:

Everyone must love playing music, to start a band that goes anywhere it takes commitment. keep everyone engaged and coming back by having a social get together after the sessions

6 Decide on which songs the band will play:

It’s a good idea to start covering music that all band members aspire to play and evolve into original music

7- Bring the band to life:

Create an identity.
Decide as a group what will be the band name and the logo

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How to start a Rock & Roll band 101

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