The infamous Metallica/Guns & Roses tour

Infamous Guitar player with fire in background

The infamous Metallica/Guns & Roses tour.

The infamous day: we have a couple of versions of the infamous story and some mixed feeling about what happened.

The team up:

Teaming up with a band like Guns & Roses is both a great opportunity and an enormous risk, an amazing team up such as this one was unprecedented

The thing we have taken into account is. The very rebellious aspect that made the Guns & Roses does not play well when it comes to business. These aspects may not show at first when everything is going well when everyone is doing their jobs.

Character shows up in the tough days when everything goes wrong.
but you still need to show up and do the work for the fans.
sometimes even the greatest cant manage the pressure that comes with fame

The Tour:

The tour itself was a huge success financial wise. With two of the best Rock bands, co-oping attendance was often in the 90% – 100%.

The worst attendance being of 76%.

A lot of shows were played before the infamous incident of Montreal Canada

The Universe conspired against it:

Axel Rose sustained damage to his vocal chords and had to postpone the next shows.
This itself was not the problem. The problem was when you pair this with the fact that Axel sometimes threw tantrums and did things like just leaving the stage with no explanation.
People found it hard to have empathy for his cause.

James suffered an injury due to the pyrotechnics, due to this he was rushed to the hospital and Metallica had to stop their show early leaving the Guns to fill in.

From there everything went to hell. There was little time to set up the sound and the band members could not hear themselves aggravated by the fact that Axel said he was feeling the problem with his throat come back which lead to the cancelation of the show.


Metallica was all about business and played before the Guns who often played late. The Guns, on the other hand, lost a lot of money to fines for being late and extravagant parties according to the Slash autobiography. Read the book…

On to the drama…

Jason said that he saw Axel drinking champagne and smoking a cigarette and complaining about his throat after the show which was disputed by Doug Goldstein that said that Jason was not allowed anywhere near Axel Rose.

On the next posts, we will talk more about the drama that was still to come after the Montreal Canada show

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The infamous Metallica/Guns & Roses tour

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