Shots fired: a drama story and the blame game in Rock & Roll

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Shots fired: a drama story and the blame game in Rock & Roll

The story in the La weekly backstage pass by Barry Fay
The legendary concert promoter was asked in a show what was his favorite backstage story
(the Axl rose story)

The story told by Lars Aldrich:

The guns were on stage and during the welcome to the jungle song, Axl just left the stage. This while the band was still playing.
According to Barry, there were some fans who after that wanted to exchange their guns shirt for Metallica one in the in the merchandise stand.
Soon after Barry called the limo driver and gave him a reality check.
Saying that if he ever wants to see a dime of the companies money he better bring the limo back and the only way Axl leaves is if he jumps off the car
Barry tried to get Lars to jam with the band but Lars said that you don’t have money in your bank accounts to make it happen

At that point Barry gets his gun and puts it in his pocket:

1St version:

The story states that All talked to his manager Doug Goldstein after that and got back on stage along with some security and Denver cops that we’re stopping him from leaving the stage

2nd version:

The story states that Barry actually takes out his gun held it to Axl’s head and said that you better get on that stage or you will die. Barry claims that this did not happen and that the gun never left his pocket

Doug Goldstein on Lars:

Says that the blame falls on Lars because Axl did what he could consider his situation. He also said that it was an hour, not 2:30 like said by others.
Lars is to blame because he doesn’t warn that the pyrotechnics have changed places causing James injury

Duff’s account:

said that this wasn’t the first time something like this happened, playing to pissed of fans that had to wait

James on the Guns:

He said that he agreed to the tour as a way to show that there was a more professional band who is more progressive and hardcore than the guns, but that dealing with Axl’s attitude would be something they wouldn’t want to do again

He also said that he understands what happened to Axl, he strained his voice and it wasn’t working for him but at the same time he had the opportunity to win so many people and ended up doing the exact opposite. There was a lot of unnecessary violence because of his attitude. He could have turned into a great evening but ended up jeopardizing peoples lives

Axl responded with a rant against what James said, basically calling them backstabbers and over glorified (done in a show)

Lars went on to play with the guns when this resolved with the guns (Out to get me)

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Shots fired: a drama story and the blame game in Rock & Roll

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