The Rock & Roll band that ended too soon (Guns N Roses)

Rock & Roll band

The one that ended too soon (Guns N Roses)

What would happen if Guns N Roses kept going

Guns N Roses is a Rock & Roll band that came from the gutters of Hollywood and succeed because of a man who believed in the free spirit that Rock & Roll music should have.

The free spirit of Rock & Roll is exactly what comes to mind when you think about Guns & Roses, this rebel aspect was exactly what made and broke the band.

When we talk about Rock & Roller lifestyle you need to look no further than Guns & Roses, the band was very intense on and off stage leading to eventual separation of its original members.

Given the momentum that Guns & Roses had we can easily argue that they would be right at the top in the list of greatest rock bands in the world.

Perhaps the magic of a real Rock & Roll band is being the underdog even when it grows enough to be mainstream, maybe it was a good thing that the band stopped producing new music when it did, this way we can remember the Guns as a band the stayed true to its style despite all controversies and member disputes.

Imagine a scenario that the band stuck together only to suffer more and more criticism from the mainstream media only to succumb its original style.

Nobody has the appetite to see the Guns & Roses start producing music for the 21st century.

So many artists crumbled in the early 2000s to eventually disappear because their music incited violence, sex or drugs.
Would they stay true to themselves?

Would they lose their authenticity and give in to mainstream?

Maybe they could produce their music without the help of mass media and still succeed through unconventional and online media

We can only wonder what would happen what would happen if the original band stayed together.

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The Rock & Roll band that ended too soon (Guns N Roses)

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