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The infamous Metallica/Guns & Roses tour

Infamous Guitar player with fire in background

The infamous Metallica/Guns & Roses tour. The infamous day: we have a couple of versions of the infamous story and some mixed feeling about what happened. The team up: Teaming up with a band like Guns & Roses is both …

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The Rock & Roll band that ended too soon (Guns N Roses)

Rock & Roll band

The one that ended too soon (Guns N Roses) What would happen if Guns N Roses kept going Guns N Roses is a Rock & Roll band that came from the gutters of Hollywood and succeed because of a man …

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Bon Jovi in the Rock & Roll hall of fame

rock award cds in wall

Bon Jovi in the hall of fame of Rock & Roll and the dilemma of fame Gone are the days that you got tired of seeing Rock & Roll stars appearing in the news for disturbing the peace, drug abuse …

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