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The Rock & Roll band that ended too soon (Guns N Roses)

Rock & Roll band

The one that ended too soon (Guns N Roses) What would happen if Guns N Roses kept going Guns N Roses is a Rock & Roll band that came from the gutters of Hollywood and succeed because of a man …

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Is Rock & Roll dead?

concert about Rock

To say that Rock & Roll is dead is dead is too dramatic. We have to take into account that so many bands from the classic days are still touring. Going around the world as we speak. Today we are …

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Bon Jovi in the Rock & Roll hall of fame

rock award cds in wall

Bon Jovi in the hall of fame of Rock & Roll and the dilemma of fame Gone are the days that you got tired of seeing Rock & Roll stars appearing in the news for disturbing the peace, drug abuse …

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