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Eating Disorder and Your Oral Health

Eating Disorder, Oral Health

There a lot of after effects that happen in the mouth of a person with eating disorders. Some things that could happen in your mouth include: Loosing teeth Unhealthy gums Tooth enamel erosion Black-colored teeth and dental fillings Additionally, individuals …

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Recovering from Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

Disorders or sicknesses that center around food and weight matters. If the eating disorder continues to escalate, the person’s health is at risk. Only a licensed and experienced medical professional can diagnose eating disorders. However, you can also look for …

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The Correlation Between Depression and Eating Disorders

depression and eating disorders

Some studies have shown that depression usually goes together with an eating disorder. Depression and eating disorders rob an individual of their happiness and self-esteem. Often, a therapist will treat depression by itself with drugs instead of using a more …

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Children Eating Disorders

children eating disorders

Because childhood is the stage in life in which bones are sprouting and growing swiftly, well-nourished food must be given to the child in order for the child to have normal growth & development. The nutritional intake must be monitored …

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