The Correlation Between Depression and Eating Disorders

depression and eating disorders

Some studies have shown that depression usually goes together with an eating disorder. Depression and eating disorders rob an individual of their happiness and self-esteem. Often, a therapist will treat depression by itself with drugs instead of using a more psychological basis and treating the eating disorder as well.

In turn, the psychological community has developed its scope of research and analysis by concentrating more attention on eating disorders and focusing on other issues associated with eating disorders. The desire to understand a potential relationship between bulimia and depression has become a huge focus within the field.

Currently, there are two major hypotheses on the connection between eating disorders and depression. The first hypothesis says that bulimia is an affecting variation of depression. This concept came about because of early reports of a high percentage of depression in bulimics and a high percentage of depression within the families of these patients. Current studies, nonetheless, give evidence that this relationship joining bulimia and depression is still unsubstantiated. The second hypothesis states that bulimia is a distinct diagnostic with a psychopathological process that differs from that of other mental illnesses.

Furthermore, results of a study imply that women with eating disorders who have tried to commit suicide may have suffered from depression long before their eating disorder began. Researchers also discovered that within 27 eating disorder patients with a record of attempted suicides, approximately 18 suffered from depression before the eating disorder manifested itself. That is in comparison with just one of 27 patients who had never tried to commit suicide. Women within the suicidal group also had depression and anxiety disorders at an early age than the other women did. Studies show a significant number of individuals with eating disorders intentionally injure themselves or attempt to take their lives.

While some people tend to eat very little food, other people tend to overeat. Those that overeat will do so alone so that no one can see them vomiting or binging.

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The Correlation Between Depression and Eating Disorders

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